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Oliver Husain, Squiggle
2005, 22 Min., Music: fym & diane

The weird docu-fiction Squiggle is about the importance of handicrafts in
the country and in Indian art production generally. It tells of an artist
who grew up in a small village and decided to become an architect of mud
houses, showing people as they build such houses and celebrate their
completion and opening with a ritual dance. The shooting of this ecological
counter-utopia with elaborate mud houses and costumes, took place in
Hyderabad, where the local film industry is called “Tollywood”, because all
films are shot in the vernacular “Telugu”. The soundtrack of the festive
Indian style dancing sequence is a rare and folkloristic fym & diane music

“An uneasy feeling. I’m reading my old diaries. I’m surprised by my
20-year-old me. Something thrilling, something undisguised, something I will never be able to think again, a lucidity which existed only at a given

Amar Kanwar, A Night of Prophecy
2002, 77 Min.

A Night of Prophecy was filmed in several diverse regions of India (Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Nagaland, Kashmir) and features music and poetry about tragedy and protest performed by regional artists. It is an intimate piece of oral history.

Nilanjan Battacharya, Machher Banga (Bengalis in the World of Fish)
2001, 29 Min.

This documentary celebrates the love affair that the people of Bengal have - with fish. From the market place to the ponds, from weddings to parties, it
is an ongoing feast. The variety of fish Bengalis eat is unimaginable. This
diversity, be it in size or taste, is the gift of nature. Fish in Bengali society, is not merely a meal, it’s a strong cultural element, which is deeply rooted in the history, and geography - whether you are from the actual part of Bengal or the one which is now Bangladesh. Bengalis in the World of Fish explores many cultural and anthropological legacies, which are related to fish in one way or another. Different sections of people, starting from a painter-angler, fish seller, music director, to an economist, join a mouthful (literally, while eating fish) of discourse on fish and other associated ‘fishy’ affairs! Nostalgia, personal stories, songs, debates, myths, rituals, creates this film.

Gigi Scaria’s semi-documentary video A day with Soheil and Maryan
2004, 16 min.

Focuses on the life of two teenage trash-pickers in Delhi with short scripted scenes inserted into a documentation of their nightly scavenging of the garbage dumps.

These works are also part of the exhibition 'Impossible India' at the
Frankfurter Kunstverein which lasts till November 19. Visit www.fkv.de.