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Sharon Lockhart
°1964 [United States of America]

Current and upcoming exhibitions

· A Journey That Wasn't, The Broad, Los Angeles (US), 30/06 - 01/02
· An American City, FRONT International: Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art, Cleveland (US), 14/07 - 30/09
· I Donít Like Fiction, I Like History, Gagosian Gallery, Beverly Hills, San Francisco (US), 05/09 - 29/09
· Movements and Variations in Two Parts, Jan Mot and Gladstone Gallery, Brussels, 07/09 - 20/10 (solo)
· Stillleben in der Fotografie der Gegenwart, Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna (AT), 13/09 - 17/02
· Goshogaoka, Dance New Air in Tokyo, Image Forum, Tokyo, 03/10 - 14/10 (screening)
· Picture Industry: une histoire provisoire de líimage technique, 1844-2018, LUMA, Arles (FR), 13/10 - 06/01
· Pine Flat. RedCat Theater as part of A Journey That Wasnít, The Broad, Los Angeles (US), 27/10 (screening)
· Movements and Variations, neugerriemschneider, Berlin (DE), 01/12 - 05/01 (solo)

Selected works

Nine Sticks in Nine Movements: Movement Two, 2018
Rudzienko, 2016
Untitled, 2010
Double Tide, 2009


·  About Teatro Amazonas of Sharon Lockhart. Fragments of a conversation between composer, Becky Allen, and Michel Assenmaker., 1999