Art Basel 2021
Hall 2.1 Booth L15


Francis Alÿs, Andrea Büttner, Pierre Bismuth, stanley brouwn, Mario Garcia Torres, Joachim Koester, David Lamelas, readymades belong to everyone®, Vonna-Michell, Ian Wilson

Jan Mot's presentation at Art Basel 2021 was inspired by a selection of works evoking the theme of creation of value in economic as well as cultural terms. The installations Exodus and Catalogo 14 by Francis Alÿs, the new woodcuts, etchings and sculptures by Andrea Büttner or Cannabis photographs by Joachim Koester are reflections on the Western economic system and dynamics it has produced within our societies. At the same time, and as much as works by Pierre Bismuth from the series Following the right hand of…, this way brouwn by stanley brouwn, new works by Mario Garcia Torres related to missing Ed Ruscha drawings, co-signed certificates of Ian Wilson’s Discussions, a print by Vonna-Michell incorporating original works by his father and Henri Chopin, or the photograph Thinking of… by readymades belong to everyone®, they challenge the mechanisms of creation of value, especially in relation to questions of authorship and signature. The latter work is furthermore exploring the meaning of network and support of collectors.

Additionally, the gallery showed It Must Have Been a Tuesday, 2020, a new work by Mario Garcia Torres in Art Basel Unlimited in collaboration with Taka Ishii, Franco Noero and neugerriemschneider.


Installation views, Jan Mot’s booth at Art Basel (CH), 2021, photos: Studio Shapiro