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Exhibitions at Jan Mot

David Lamelas Mon Amour at Jan Mot 2014
11/06/14 - 19/07/14

David Lamelas
Mon Amour. Reading Films

18/04/12 - 22/04/12

Zona MACO Sur, Mexico City
David Lamelas
Time as Activity - Mexico City

21/05/11 - 09/07/11

Manon de Boer, David Lamelas, Ian Wilson
People and Time

23/04/09 - 30/05/09

David Lamelas

08/03/08 - 19/04/08

Pierre Bismuth, Mario Garcia Torres, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Will Holder, David Lamelas, Jonathan Monk, Ian Wilson
Time pieces

22/04/06 - 20/05/06

David Lamelas
David Lamelas. Part 2

15/03/06 - 15/04/06

David Lamelas
David Lamelas. Part 1

22/09/05 - 29/10/05

Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, David Lamelas, Jan Mancuska
Wall Pieces

09/12/04 - 29/01/05

Robert Barry, Manon de Boer, Pierre Bismuth, Daniel Buren, Douglas Gordon Joachim Koester, David Lamelas, Jonathan Monk, Mario Garcia Torres, Ian Wilson
Today is just a copy of yesterday

03/07/96 - 03/08/96

Pierre Bismuth, Maria Blondeel, Manon de Boer,
Rebecca Bournigault, Adam Chodzko, Michael Curran,
Tracey Emin, Dora García, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster,
Douglas Gordon, Joseph Grigely, Pierre Huyghe,
Renée Kool, David Lamelas, Kobe Matthys,
Wouter van Riessen, Ian Wilson, Zapp magazine


David Lamelas
Time, 2020
online performance and streaming, certificate of authenticity
dimensions variable
edition of 3 and 1 A.P.
(recording of first iteration of the work April 19th, 2020) 

"Time. At this moment in our lives we have available time from home. Perhaps we have never realised how important it is one minute, in relationship to each other. This performance is about the space of time that connects us all. The hour may be different in Argentina, Europe, Africa or Australia but we all share the same space of time. Information, political ideas, country limits, economical interest, divides us. But we live in a singular time: the present. For this event we have invited 20 persons throughout the world to create a line of time. The time is passed from one person to another, as in a chain of continuity and unity. After we finish you are invited to continue the line passing the time to the person next to you or to yourself if you happen to be by yourself. Thank you." (Statement made by David Lamelas via YouTube on April 15th, 2020 to announce the first iteration of the performance Time.)

David Lamelas, Pared Doblada Jan Mot 2018

David Lamelas
Pared Doblada, 1994 – 2018
folded paper, cardboard box
320,7 x 551,8 cm (folded paper), 56,3 x 55,8 x 7,9 cm (cardboard box)
Installation view at Jan Mot, 2018

Lamelas-Mon Amour-Jan Mot 2014

David Lamelas
Mon Amour, 2014
video, black and white, sound
25 minutes 35 seconds
edition of 5 and 2 A.P.
Installation view at Jan Mot, 2014

David Lamelas, Mon Amour, 2014 (excerpt)

David Lamelas Rockstar Poster

David Lamelas
Rock Star (Character Appropriation), 1996
offset on paper
120 x 86 cm
edition of 100

David Lamelas_Quand le ciel bas et lourd

David Lamelas
Quand le ciel bas et lourd (When the sky low and heavy), 1987 –  1992
Installation consisting of metal structure and trees on inclined surface
6 x 20 x 7,8 m (metal structure, dimensions variable)
View: Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (2011)
edition of 2 and 1 A.P.
Photo: Philippe De Gobert

David Lamelas
The Violent Tapes of 1975, 1975
10 black and white photographs (vintage prints from 1975)
23,8 x 36,5 cm (image, each), 38,3 x 50,9 cm (frame, each)
edition of 4

David Lamelas
Desert People, 1974
16mm film, colour, sound
45 minutes
edition of 5 and 2 A.P.

David Lamelas-Paris Film 1970
David Lamelas-Paris Film 1970
David Lamelas-Paris Film 1970

David Lamelas
Film 18 Paris IV. 70, 1970
16mm film, black and white, sound
9 minutes 16 seconds
edition of 5 and 2 A.P.

David Lamelas-Antwerp Brussels-at Jan Mot 2019

David Lamelas
Antwerp-Brussels (People and Time), 1969
10 black and white photographs, mounted on aluminium
29,5 x 23,5 cm (each)
31,5 x 26 x 2 cm (signed and numbered portfolio)
edition of 10

David Lamelas Brussels 1969
David Lamelas Brussels 1969
David Lamelas Brussels 1969

David Lamelas
Brussels, 1969
3 color photographs (framed, each)
81,5 cm  x 101,5 cm
edition of 3 and 1 A.P.

David Lamelas Time As Activity - Düsseldorf, 1969 film still
David Lamelas Time As Activity - Düsseldorf, 1969 film still
David Lamelas Time As Activity - Düsseldorf, 1969 film still
David Lamelas Time As Activity - Düsseldorf, 1969 film still
David Lamelas Time As Activity - Düsseldorf, 1969 film still

David Lamelas
Time As Activity - Düsseldorf, 1969
16mm film, black and white, silent
13 minutes
edition of 5 and 2 A.P.
(film stills)

Time as Activity, an ongoing series started in 1969 with Time as Activity-Düsseldorf, a piece which sets out from the premise of filming the city in stationary shots in three locations at three determined times of day. Each one of these moments is demarcated by indicating the previous duration in minutes, whereby the real time of filming equals the fictitious screening time. After Düsseldorf, Lamelas has filmed in Berlin, London, Los Angeles, New York, Sankt Gallen, Buenos Aires, Warsaw, Naples, Milan and Madrid, an international transit which relates the displacement of his own life. On the surface, the series shows the continuous and hyperconnected duration of global information; however, rather than simply reproducing the mechanics of entertainment, it develops an open and circumstantial account. Time, the latest merchandising and product of contemporary capitalism, is re-appropriated by the artist as an event, as an activity, which is at once limited and elusive.

David Lamelas, El Grito, 1966

David Lamelas
El Grito, 1962
black and white photograph (printed in 2014), framed
139 x 100 cm (image), 144 x 105 cm (frame)


David Lamelas

Born in Buenos Aires, 1946
Lives and works in Los Angeles and Buenos Aires

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David Lamelas Corner Piece at Jan Mot 2006

David Lamelas' site specific installation Corner Piece (1966) will be presented as part of the show Collection 1940s–1970s at MoMA New York starting on October 24th. The work will be on view for approximately three years. (Image: Corner Piece at Jan Mot, 2006) 

David Lamelas - To Pour Milk Into a Glass, 1972

Multiple works by David Lamelas selected by Adam Szymczyk are included in the program of the 22nd edition of experimental film and video festival Videoex 2020 in Zürich. On Friday 18/09 at 7:30 pm: Argentina II: Time as Activity - David Lamelas and on Sunday 20/09 at 4 pm: Argentina III: Movies and Television: David Lamelas and at 5:45 pm: Argentina IV: In Our Time - David Lamelas.