From the library of Dorothea von Hantelmann

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Dorothea von Hantelmann is an art historian and writer, based in Berlin. Together with Tino Sehgal and Asad Raza she is the co-curator of the exhibition Decor at Foundation Boghossian, Villa Empain. She was documenta Professor at the Art Academy/ University of Kassel and has published widely on contemporary art and exhibition culture. She is the author of How to Do Things with Art (2010) a book on performativity within contemporary art, co-edited Die Ausstellung. Politik eines Rituals (2010) and currently prepares a book project that explores art exhibitions as ritual spaces in which fundamental values and categories of modern, liberal and market based societies historically have been, and continue to be practiced and reflected.

From the library of… was inaugurated by Jan Mot in 2014 with a selection of books from the library of Seth Siegelaub / Egress Foundation Amsterdam chosen by Marja Bloem. Since then other personalities from the art world have been invited to contribute to the series.