From the library of Douglas Crimp

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Related to memoir
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Queer Culture
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Used in teaching
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Douglas Crimp was Fanny Knapp Allen Professor of Art History at the University of Rochester, New York, and the author of On the Museum’s Ruins, 1993; Melancholia and Moralism: Essays on AIDS and Queer Politics, 2002; and “Our Kind of Movie”: The Films of Andy Warhol, 2012. Crimp was the curator of the Pictures exhibition at Artists Space, New York, in 1977 and an editor of October magazine from 1977 to 1990. With Lynne Cooke, he organized the exhibition Mixed Use, Manhattan: Photography and Related Practices 1970s to the Present for the Reina Sofía in Madrid in the summer of 2010. He completed a memoir of New York in the 1970s called Before Pictures (2016).

From the library of... was inaugurated by Jan Mot in 2014 with a selection of books from the library of Seth Siegelaub /Egress Foundation Amsterdam chosen by Marja Bloem. Since then other personalities from the art world have been invited to contribute to the series.